CEMACHINES is an online portal dedicated to construction machinery & equipments in India. It is an online web platform to search machines, spares, suppliers and get connected with each other.

In recent years, online tools are developed to cater to various segments of life from business to healthcare to social media. More & more people in India are relaying on internet for search & finding out sources for their needs. Keeping this increasing trend in Indian marketplace, we have created this portal specifically for CE industry in India.

This portal is useful to all stakeholders in the CE ecosystem. If you are looking to rent a machine, if you want to give your machine on rent or you want to buy a new machine or a spare or find out suppliers in the vicinity, this would help you. If you want to find out & compare detail specifications of a particular machine, you can find it here. If you need to stay updated about all tenders, news in CE Industry, this portal would have plenty of information for you. The portal has online database of hundreds of machines, spares, dealers, and manufacturers. And this database is upgraded on continuous basis.

For suppliers, this is online opportunity to generate more business. System will automatically send you sms and emails on your registered mobile about customer details and requirements. You can simply reach out to them and convert it into sale.

If you are a manufacturer and want to reach out to all you potential customers, then you can put your machines on the portal, you can write blogs and publish news specific to your organization so all your customers would be updated about your offerings.

You can advertise your business and reach to thousands of prospects through this digital medium. Putting advertise on this portal is extremely easy and cost effective. Once you put your ad, your business & offering will reach to thousands of prospects automatically and fetch you more business.

Writing blogs or publishing news is very simple here. Login and start writing. Once you are ready, save & publish the blog and it would reach to thousands of prospects immediately.

This portal will show your all product reviews and feedback from other persons. These feedbacks & ratings can help you to make your decision or enhance your understanding about the product or service.

Once you subscribe, you get all leads, reports, and knowhow about the business online. You can see how many people viewed your products, how many leads you have received and so on. This would give you enough indicators and control so you can take necessary actions about your offerings to enhance business.

CEMachines is very well connected with social media though its inbuilt plugins. You can share it on your Facebook, twitter, Google+ accounts and make your presence felt online. You can also see what customers and other people saying about your and other competitors products on the social networking.

Click on CEmachines icon below and reach to CEMACHINES.com and subscribe to take on this digital opportunity.