GATEPASS is a mobile application to manage your visitor traffic in the premises. You can use this application is corporate offices, business complexes, housing societies or anywhere where there is inflow and outflow of visitors.

Why should we manage visitor traffic?

This is very important from number of aspects. In a business place, where lot of people are employed and several visitors are expected, its necessary to keep track of unknown persons going in and out. It helps to improve vigilance and security of the office. You can get data of all past visitors in & out of the premised which can be helped to track activities or movements of employees. In such places, there are several contractors which work for a temporary period of time. Nobody manages their movement and it could pose threat to citizens safety, children playing with society playground and so on.

But this is not new. There are registers and security person who needs to make entry in and out of building. This is fine, but can you find out all visitors that came in last month and met someone? What if visitor purposely gave wrong name & phone no. Can you ID him based on register entry? No, you can not.

But there are computer based systems which print the gate pass and also can take picture of the visitor. But what about exit? What if visitor exists from different gate? Would you know if that visitor is inside the building or already left? You would not be able to find that out unless all manual gate pass printouts are reconciled and tallied with computer based data.

What about CC TVs? Don’t they monitor movement automatically? Yes, that is correct. You can ID a person if he is within the CC TV range. But would you be able to know his phone number or name? CC TV system does not do that.

GATEPASS mobile app has addressed these issues with the use of very simple technology. It’s a mobile application with security guard. All gates with all security guards can use the same mobile application. They all can make entry of visitor from any gate and make an exit of the person with simple tap on the phone.

If visitor has come back for second visit, you can simply type few letters of his name and all his data will be populated automatically. This app will send a sms to the host automatically as soon as visitor entry is posted. He can escort visitor from the entrance or be ready for meeting the visitor.

You can find all visitors inside the building at any time with some simple tap on the mobile app. You can send this list to an email as an excel attachment.

Additionally, you can track and monitor the daily visitors like paperwala, milkman, maids very easily. You can set up their data in the app and on daily basis can track their movement. All with the mobile app, no printouts paper nothing else is needed.

All you need is a smartphone and this nice mobile app to get started with this unique application to help monitor your premises.

So what about the price?

One thing is sure that, this app is very cheap. Based on your requirement you can select the period and start out on the app. We have created this app to help safety of your premises and a small amount to maintain that is worth it.