Spares Management

Spares business is maximum margin business in any industry. But it’s also quite often most ignored segment of the total business cycle. CEMS has addressed this issue by integrating Spare Part Requesting in Marketing & Service modules. Sales as well as service person can create spare part request on web as well as on the mobile.

We have added several touch points with which spares business can be generated and monitored. We have given spare inquiry & request functionally in Sales and Service modules. So all people in the organization can be part of spare selling process.

Once order is created, its ignored and since it’s a fast moving immediately required part, customer ends up buying it from some place else. That typically happens, because spare requests are not recorded in the system.

Spares Orders & Enquiry

Many times, it starts with Parts Enquiry. CEMS has a field called as Part Reques..

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Spares Order Processing

All quotations are converted into the sales orders. If spares are available in t..

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Spare Reports

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