Partners and Re-Sellers

Expand your offerings as a BKMIST partner

BKMIST is used collection of Web products that businesses and customers can use across India. We ourselves cannot directly cater to these demands and would be willing to collaborate with interested firms/ individuals. We have designed a partner program help improve your reputation as a recommended BKMIST partner which can help expand your client base. We would be happy to work with you if
  • You have developed yourself as a strong reseller, distributor, and you're interested in adding BKMIST to your offering OR
  • You are an accountant or an accounting firm looking to expand your number of clients without increasing your efforts/costs OR
  • You are a facility manager or a facility management firm and are looking to provide value added service to your customers OR

Program Opportunities and Benefits

  • Extend your offerings with BKMIST's tools for ERP, CRM, GATEPASS & CEMACHINES
  • Free software for evaluation and training
  • Marketing support
  • Dedicated pre-sales and technical support
  • Earn Handsome Commission based on sales volume
  • Increase Satisfaction levels of your Customers and Get more business
  • Reduce your admin, development cost & increase revenue with these prebuilt products
  • Additional sales discounts to increase ROI of approved sales/marketing activities
  • Exclusive BKMIST representation in a specific territory, based on results

Partner Selection Criteria

  • Minimum of three years of business in a target territory
  • Proven experience in selling software or in consulting domain
  • Availability of marketing tools and advertisement facilities
  • Acceptance of general reseller agreement termst

Becoming a BKMIST Partner

If you're interested in becoming an BKMIST Reseller, please send mail to and submit information about your services and expertise.We will get back to you within two days.